Tips For Being More Frugal With Time

Sometimes you might feel like it takes a while for you to get started on a task, like doing dishes, starting lesson planning, getting dressed, you know, simple things! Adulting can seem overwhelming since simple tasks can become monotonous day after day, and the pandemic is surely not helping that. Here are a few tips that might help.


Every time you cook make enough for one or two other meals and freeze the rest in portions. Clean dishes as you cook and don't leave the kitchen after a meal until the dishes are done.

Make lunches for the week, pack each on individually with any non-perishables you like, that makes sure you only have to add the Fresh/Refrigerated items daily. Even if you are working from home it can save time.


When you run errands, plan them in advance. For example, figure out the furthest one and make your way back home. If there are a lot of errands, group them in an area of the city.

Grocery pick up can save time depending on how fast your store gets you your groceries. It's often free. And you stick to your budget because there are no extra items bought or forgotten. also, it helps to see what you need. For example, vegetable oil is on sale. Do I need some or can I wait? Do I have space in the freezer for 5lb of chicken? Also buy a little more than you need especially if it's on sale, within reason. If you go through 1 body wash bottle a month, don't buy 20, 1-5 is a good amount.

When cleaning, take things one step at a time. clean every room separately, top to bottom. Then finish by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, and remember you can always multitask, reading a great book recently but also have to get some cleaning done, try the Audiobook version!

Save time in the morning by doing things before sleeping. Clean your kitchen, get your breakfast/lunch ready. Prepare the coffee machine and check what you're going to wear tomorrow.

If you need something or need to do something. Write it down somewhere.

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