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SUPER HOT! Free $60 Tested and worked! #rakuten #visible

SUPER HOT Free $60 cash From Rakuten with no purchase required! This offer works when you order the free sim kit and it counts as a purchase, so nothing to lose. They should pay the $60 on it and if not then you wasted 2 minutes 18 seconds of your time :)

  1. Click here make Rakuten Account if you don't have one yet or just log in if you do

  2. Click here for the offer, click SHOP NOW

  3. Now you should be on Visible, Click Check your Compatibility

  4. Choose the iOS Apple logo (even if you have an android phone, just easier this way because you don't need IMEI number)

  5. Choose iPhone 6..., choose any carrier and then on next screen where it says Paid in Full click Yes then click order a sim

  6. It will show the checkout screen and say $40 a month blah blah but the important part is the DUE TODAY SAYS $0. You are NOT charged any money unless you actually activate the sim card. Ordering the card is free, if you never activate you are never charged

  7. Make an account, enter your address

  8. On the screen that says Bring your phone number over click where it says "Get a new number instead" and choose any number

  9. Now you are on the checkout screen, again shows $40 (you will not be charged). Enter your payment method and go to checkout

  10. On the last screen again it will show you $0 due to today. Just checkout and finish your purchase

  11. The $60 back will only show in your Rakten account after about a week. DOES NOT SHOW RIGHT AWAY! If they end up paying out on it will be payable in May

  12. nothing to cancel. You never activate the sim, so you are never charged

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Eddie Captain
Eddie Captain
Mar 02, 2021

Coupons only right now. This is not valid.


Mason Walker
Mason Walker
Mar 02, 2021

It only said 20$ for

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