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MOTO G7 Plus 64GB Smartphone Unlocked for use with US AT&T / T-Mobile Networks 3G 4GLTE $119 + FS

If you aren't someone that needs the latest and greatest $1,000 smart phone, but you prefer android phones and good specs.. then you might like this deal. The MOTO G7 Plus 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked) is a pre-buy @ BH Photo out of NY for $119. They have fast free 1-2 day shipping and this is the lowest price I could find currently on this phone. (Read the specs, you may agree this is a good deal for the money.)

This phone will work with AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA, it comes carrier unlocked.

I ordered one as this is a pre-buy opportunity, your order will say backordered after purchase, the deal ends on November 15th 2020. Good things come to those who wait, customer service anticipates the phones shipping out on first come first serve basis once the pre-purchase sale ends.

Just thought I'd throw this up for anybody else like me who is tired of looking at their cracked screen, or is currently using an outdated phone that won't charge, won't stay charged, is running slow etc. This could be a major upgrade for you at a reasonable price.

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