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If you have a lot of free time at the moment, you can generate some income by doing online work

You can do small jobs like teaching English, audio transcription, microtasks, or surveys. It's not a fortune but if you have time to spare anyway it's a good way to pay a few bills or get a little extra spending/indulgence money.

Here is a list of sites for online work that anyone can use:

  • Appen - Paid Projects, up to 20 hours a week. Decent pay of about $14 per hour but depends on the project you can get

  • Lionbridge - Paid projects, great projects on offer

  • TeamWork - Paid projects, good site.

  • ClickWorker - Surveys and Writing - payments vary per task

  • Neevo - Tasks , up to $1 per task approx

  • Vipkid - Teach English to kids online, $15-$25 per hour or so

  • QKid - Same as vipkid teaching English online - I think this pays up to $20 per hour

  • gogokid - Teach English Online $14-25 per hour

  • - Surverys, pays very well!

  • Mturk - Microtasks - Pay is okay, but seems good

  • Rev - Transcription

  • TranscribeME - Transcription

  • GoTranscript - Transcription

  • Qmee - Surveys, varying payout on each one...pretty good site.

  • Swagbucks - Surveys, good paying.

  • Timebucks - Various surveys, good site.

  • GG2U - Surveys, good site with good payout, probably average of $1 per survey

  • Serpclix - Good one for tasks/surveys - install on your browser and it will let you know when there are some available

  • BrandedSurvey - Surveys

  • 20Cogs - You complete 20 offers to get the payout, you will have to cancel a few subsciptions after some tasks but it's a good way to make about $230-$330

  • - Surveys, Mostly they pay $1-$5

  • YouGov - Surveys, good site and pay is decent.

  • - Surveys, pay is decent.

  • Ysense - Surveys and other tasks

  • Prizerebel - Surveys and other tasks

  • Microworkers - Various tasks

  • HideOutTV- Watch videos and get paid

  • HoneyGain- You get paid for browsing the internet every month, maybe $40 or so

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