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Hot!!! $30 off $50 order from Instacart

If you dont have PayPal use code: CHEERS30

$30 off $50 order from Instacart.

Works for old and new as accounts well. ADD TO YOUR ACCOUNT NOW before it dies. Once its added usually it stays but I recommend ordering ASAP so that way they don't take it away

You can add the code under the account settings>promo code or otherwise use it at checkout

I highly suggest getting an order from Walmart if available to you. Their prices on Instacart are almost the same as in store. The other Stores prices are higher

use code 30PAYPAL at checkout. MUST PAY WITH PAYPAL FOR THE CODE TO WORK. You will not see the $30 off until you choose Paypal. If you have the old Instacart app you will need to update to the new app to be able to see Paypal at checkout

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