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Free (Kindle books) for a limited time only, so be sure to grab them quick if any get your attention

I am coming to you today with some free Kindle reads, I'm honestly so excited to dive into. All of these are available for free for a limited time only, so be sure to grab them quick if any get your attention! "The Poet and I: The Journey Within" by Jeff Hainbuch

Literally the second I finished reading this book's synopsis I hit "Buy now". This is a spiritual memoir about the author's trials and tribulations alongside his "Poet", his sort of spiritual guide. This book sounds simple in concept but I get the vibe that it's going to pack a hard punch—plus it apparently has elements of magical realism weaved throughout, which I love. This may or may not become a new favorite!

"A Terminal Agenda" by Mark McKay

At first glance this looks just like another generic crime thriller, but the synopsis actually sounds super intriguing. Further investigation of an otherwise-standard murder case leads to the uncovering of a conspiracy that could be devastating—and the discovery that the investigator's wife could actually be in mortal danger. Pretty cool, right? It's available for free below.

"Then There Was You" by Alexa Rivers

Where are my fellow romance lovers at?! Everyone knows this time of year is perfect for a good contemporary romance, and 'Then There Was You' seems to fit this bill perfectly. Katarina is hiding out in her Airbnb home after losing her husband when Sterling Knight arrives at her doorstep to take the property from her—the perfect premise for an enemies-to-lovers, small town, steamy romance!

"Blood in the Bayou" by C.M. Sutter

Take a listen to this synopsis: when investigating her first case, Jade finds the locals of the crime scene to be anything put accommodating of her enquiries—so then when a local hunter offers his assistance, Jade is left with no choice but to correspond with him about the case so she can garner as much information as possible. However, this of course begs the question of whether he is actually trustworthy, or whether he has less-than-pure intentions. Downloaded!

"The Deal" by Elle Kennedy

"The Deal" sounds like a massive cheesefest, and not gonna lie, I'm here for it. Hannah begins tutoring Garrett for a fake date so she can make her real love interest jealous—and Garrett only accepts such help so he can up his GPA so he can secure a future of hockey after graduation. However, both their plans are thrown into question when one thing leads to another and they find themselves hopelessly infatuated with one another. Free steamy read, anyone?

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