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First of all, thank you for visiting Hurryyy! We’re excited to have you here!


Our goal is to make Hurryyy the first site that you hit every morning and the last site that you hit every night. We plan to accomplish this by following three principles:

  • We will make Hurryyy fun to use

  • We will have fantastic content

  • We will be wide open and transparent with our users

Fun to Use

Our user experience takes a lot from popular apps. We want you to try out new features and explore every nook and cranny of the site, and we will reward you with points for doing so. These points can be exchanged for giveaway entries and real physical prizes to real users like yourself.

Also, as you take more specialized actions, you can “level up” and earn badges. For instance, as you post more and contribute good deals, you might eventually earn a gold “hunter” badge. If you collect a bunch of points, you could find yourself progressing on the “gatherer” dimension.

Fantastic Content

The primary focus of the site is deals. We love sites like Slickdeals, Dealnews, and Brad’s Deals, and we pour a little liquor on the floor every night for FatWallet. Deals, and deal discussion, can and will be awesome.


However, we’ve noticed recently that if you were to hit any of those sites on any given afternoon, there will be a lot of overlap. Maybe the code is “SLICK10” on one site and “BRADS10” on another, but 10% off of a laptop is 10% off of a laptop. Also, we feel like the “big guys” have started approaching the deal space like casinos approach gambling- casinos jam slot machines onto 90% of the floor because they theoretically yield more revenue, but they lose site of the fact that a lot of people want to play craps or blackjack. Next time you visit your second favorite deal site, check out how much real estate is devoted to things like credit cards.


On the content front, we plan to have the same laptop discounts from the same big stores that you see everyplace else, but where we separate ourselves is by actively working with small-to-medium sized stores to make real deals happen. We’re not charging them big insertion fees, review fees, commission bumps, etc. We’re working with them to find great products that we can offer to you at great prices and doing everything we can to stay out of the way.


We hope that this was clear from the above, but we have no problem being transparent. This site is not a charitable operation - we will make a small percentage on almost anything you buy if you click from us to the retailer. It won’t cost you extra, but we will get credit, much like a salesman gets credit if he helps you find the right pair of shoes in a department store. There are other sites that do what we do on that front, and we’re not going to treat them like Voldemort - feel free to name them as often as you want.


Please feel free to let us know how you feel about the site to with your feedback or suggestion (good or bad), we'd be happy just happy to hear from you!

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